Joe is a Six-Time New York Times Bestselling author
who has spent the last two decades chronicling the defining moments of our times.

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Bestselling Author / Keynote Speaker / Leadership & Change Expert

From broadcast news to famous films, sports to television and comedy, Joe has sought to capture and chronicle the times we live in. Joe's books have sold more than 2-million hardcover copies, and have also been bestsellers in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publisher's Weekly.

As a result of his extensive research, including hundreds of interviews with the people at the center of these historic events, Joe has developed a fully customized, interactive, multimedia presentation that offers rare insights and actionable techniques for staying present in times of great change. Joe will help you and your team improve the ‘right now’, how to recognize the opportunities of the present, and avoid the distracting temptation of focusing on past success or where you hope you’ll be someday.


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The premiere chronicler of America's popular culture
Five-Time New York Times Bestselling author Joe Garner has spent two decades chronicling the defining moments of our times. From the moments that stopped our lives in We Interrupt This Broadcast to the inspiring sports moments that put us on the edge of our seats in And the Crowd Goes Wild, to the unforgettable moments that kept us glued to the screen in Stay Tuned and Now Showing.


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Joe’s a sought-after guest on radio and television, appearing regularly on NBC’s Today Show, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, Entertainment Tonight, and also featured in such national publications as the New York Times Book Review, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, and Parade Magazine among numerous others. Click on the links to see Joe Garner in action, and also find out what others are saying about Joe.