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Leadership in a world of chaos.

Being present is rarely mentioned when people discuss leadership. There’s an abundance of advice on how to accomplish goals in life and in business, but much of it fails to tackle one of the primary challenges we all face – dealing with the reality of now. Being present is the foundation of leadership presence.

You may not know what’s coming – or when - but you can be sure that change will continue and the pace will increase. Focusing your attention on what’s really happening in the present is a simple idea, but not so easy to achieve. Most of us spend our time and energy on examining the past or forecasting the future; remembering, judging, regretting - anticipating, planning, expecting. Success is in leveraging the opportunity of the present. All that matters is now.

“We Interrupt This Broadcast” is the heart-stopping phrase that commands your immediate attention and signals life as you know it is about to change. It’s also the title of six-time New York Times bestselling author Joe Garner’s groundbreaking book about the defining moments of our times.

As a result of his extensive research, including hundreds of interviews with the people at the center of these historic events, Joe has developed a fully customized, interactive, multimedia presentation that offers rare insights and actionable techniques for staying present in times of great change. In a dynamic presentation that’s been described as ‘electrifying,’ ‘riveting,’  and ‘thought-changing,’ Joe’s stories and approach will help you and your team improve the ‘right now’, by recognizing the opportunities of the present, and avoiding the distracting temptation of focusing on past success and where you hope you’ll be someday.

Change doesn’t build leadership character…it reveals it. Through examples of the real life moments and people he’s studied, Joe prepares you to survive, thrive and lead in times of change.

  • How to trigger a mindset of ‘acceptance’ to withstand the blow of unexpected change.
  • How to transform feelings of regret in loss with the resiliency in purpose.
  • How remaining mindful of transience will help you lead and engage more deeply in the present.
  • Five daily character building exercises that will fully prepare you for whatever change comes your way.

What They're Saying About Joe

"Dear Joe, you were just extraordinary. You had the right tenor for every moment...which created the overall mood of the day....which was perfect. You are the definition of the right man for the job. I am eternally grateful.”
Carolyn Blashek
Founder / “Operation Gratitude” 1-Millionth Care Package Event
“The longest ovation I’ve ever seen for a conference speaker! Joe motivates your group with his personal success story as well as those of the icons he’s come to know. Joe relates! And be sure to leave time for Q/A when it gets even better.”
Bart Tessler
Executive VP / News and Talk Programming, Westwood One Radio Networks
“Joe Garner electrified our audience. His masterful use of dramatic visual images combined with his personal delivery engaged the audience and was the highlight of our convention. What a guy! Book him as soon as you can. You’ll be glad you did.”
Mechlin Moore
Director-Communications / National Risk Retention Association
“I’m a huge fan of Joe’s not only because of his remarkable and riveting stories, but because he brings such genuine heart and soul to his presentation.
I highly recommend Joe Garner for your next event!”
Joe Calloway
Member National Speakers Association Hall of Fame
"Thank you so much for joining us as our distinguished speaker. As you could tell, our members were in a trance while listening to your stories. Your delivery of the material was fantastic, this was the first standing ovation I’ve seen. You did a fantastic job and we are very lucky to have you visit."
José A. Vera
VP & Program Chair / L A5 Rotary Club of Los Angeles

One of the Premiere Chroniclers of America's Popular Culture


Who is Joe Garner?

Joe Garner has authored 11 media-enhanced books, which have sold more than 2-million hardcover copies, and achieved multiple New York Times best sellers. Joe's books have also been bestsellers in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publisher's Weekly.

Joe's expertise has made him a sought-after guest on radio and television, and he appears regularly on NBC's Today Show, Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends, Entertainment Tonight, and hundreds of other shows across the nation.

A who's who of entertainment, news, and sports luminaries have joined Joe as contributors including Bob Costas, Dustin Hoffman, Rob and Carl Reiner, NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon, Regis Philbin, Tom Cruise, Joe Montana, and the late Walter Cronkite among others.

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