Made You Laugh

Made You Laugh: The Funniest Moments In Comedy

What better way to recognize and honor America's funniest moments and greatest laugh artists. That's exactly what Made You Laugh! offers, as author Joe Garner applies his magic touch to one of America's most treasured forms of entertainment. Joe's insightful text, original videotaped interviews, and choicest clips from radio, comedy variety shows, sitcoms, stand-up routines, and classic films instantly remind readers of some of the most fun-filled times of their lives. The accompanying DVD, hosted by Carl & Rob Reiner, (the first and only time father and son have hosted together) includes the actual film clips of the particular memorable moment. It all adds up to one seriously successful look at the world of laughs!

"The sub-title says a lot. This is a collection of stories about comedy through the years. The list is too long to repeat here, but if it was funny: on stage, on radio, on television or in the movies, it's probably here. This is a very good, very entertaining book. This is not a funny book. It's a book about being funny. What it does is make you remember those movies, those shows that MADE YOU LAUGH." Review